Clovis de Bruine Buck

pE Clovis de Bruine Buck (dit Kane)raad DNAprof registered:Opmaak 1
Lux. Youth Ch. , IPO 1 , VZH
mental test LOF highest possible score, also past MAG mental  tested by Raad van Beheer
HDA (negative)
born: 27-06-2007
(Ch Boetsch de Bruine Buck x Ch. Vega de Bruine Buck – both Groenendaeler)

Bruine_Buck_Clovis_2011_05_28_Deurne_160 CTM_Exc1_BoetschBruineBuck_VegaBruineBuck_723 (1)We fell in love with a big grey male! His pedigree name is Clovis de Bruine Buck but we call him Kane.

A new great friend entered our lives! Such a happy dog, a big grey clown. He makes us laugh many times , rolling on his back in the grass, all his paws in the air…completely happy with himself.kane 6

But he also turned out brave and with the help of Jeroen Vunderink and many training hours with Eddie,
Kane past his IPO 1 exam!  
kane foto van moned
On shows people know him because of his imposing looks, he is a big boy. Acting like a poodle he wants to be cuddled by everyone.
We are proud to see these happy caracter qualitys in his offspring! Some of his children are in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy and USA.clovis18werk